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Learn About the Equilateral Triangle

Definition of an Equilateral Triangle:

In geometry, the equilateral triangle is a triangle that has all sides and is equal in length. Moreover, three angles of the equilateral triangle are congruent and have 60 degrees, and then it is called an equilateral triangle. When we sum all the angles of the equilateral triangle, it is equal to 180 degrees. 

60+60+60= 180, so it follows the angle sum property of the triangle. 

The equilateral is the combination of the Equi and lateral. The meaning of Equi is equal, and the literal meaning is sides. In addition, the other name of the equilateral triangle is a regular polygon and regular triangle. 

We can divide the equilateral triangle into two types based on the sides. 

1-Scalene Triangle- All the sides of the scalene triangle are not equal.

2-Isosceles Triangle- Any two sides of the isosceles triangle are equal. 

Some formulas of the Equilateral Triangle

Here we share some common formulas that you should know. 

1-Area of an equilateral triangle

A = √3a2/4

2-Perimeter of an equilateral triangle

P = 3a

3-Height of an equilateral triangle

h = √3a/2

Example: Find the area of the equilateral triangle XYZ, where XY=XZ=YZ= 6cm.


According to the formula 

we know that – 

The area of the equilateral triangle is – A= √3a2/4

a= 5cm.

Area = √3(6)2/4

Area=9 √3 answer.

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