Purchasing a certified car is a great way to get a high-quality vehicle at a reasonable price. When shopping around, it’s important to look for several things, including the company’s financing options, customer service, and pricing.

Maintenance visits

Having your vehicle regularly inspected is one way to ensure that it remains in good condition. However, it can be difficult to detect when your vehicle needs maintenance. For this reason, it is important to schedule regular maintenance visits to your local car dealership. Fortunately, Schumacher has Certified Service experts who can provide you with the services that you need.

Whether you need a brake repair, a tire replacement, or a general checkup, you can count on the trained technicians at your local Schumacher dealership to get the job done right. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the multi-point inspection that is included with your service. This allows you to identify problems before they become serious, and it also highlights future service needs. In addition, your service will include the installation of new tires.

When you visit your schumacherused.com, you’ll discover that the business has a strong focus on the community. Despite the growth that the company has experienced over the years, they have never lost sight of its customers.

Customer service

Despite its size, the Schumacher Automotive Group has not lost sight of its customers. The company has grown over 45 years and has proudly called Palm Beach and Delray Beach home. With its three locations, the company offers a wide selection of vehicles from a variety of manufacturers, including GMC, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and Buick. The automotive group also gives back to its local community.

The GM-authorized dealerships offer scheduled maintenance visits, which include things like tire rotations and multi-point inspections. The best part is that it’s free. These services are performed by factory-trained Chevrolet technicians, giving you the confidence to drive your new car for miles to come.

Financing options

Buying a new car comes with a decision about how you’ll pay for it. You have two main options: financing or leasing. Leasing is cheaper, and you can swap out the vehicle once you’ve finished paying. However, you have to be careful, since you’re not owning the car until the final payment is made.

If you’re going to finance, you’ll need a down payment. You can use a credit card or bank-issued debit card to make a down payment. You’ll need to supply your driver’s license, state-issued ID, and a recurring payment method. If you’re looking to finance through a traditional bank or credit union, you’ll need to provide a down payment of at least 5%. If you’re using an FHA loan or VA program, you can get a down payment of as little as 3.5%.

If you’re interested in a used car, you can find a certified pre-owned car through a dealership that’s affiliated with Schumacher. They’ll help you choose the best deal, work with you through the process, and offer a hassle-free exchange within five days.