You might be wondering where to go next year to study. It is a very hard decision to make and there are many criterias to take into account. There is the choice of your class, the Bachelor/Master study you want to tackle, the tuition fee. But for many students, the location and the university reputation is also very important. You might like the sunny weather of southern countries. Or you might prefer the north where universities have centuries of history. In both cases, there is a perfect campus for you in the world. 

Let us introduce you to four of them! 

Oxford University

Let’s start with the European classic ones. It’s preaching to the converted to boast the beauty of Oxford University. But it is must! It is among the oldest universities of the world.The architecture is either Baroque, Palladian or NeoClassical. There is evidence that classes were already given there in 1906! But Oxford developed from 1167. Which is nine centuries of academic knowledge taught at the heart of England. Besides its prestigious reputation and the fact that it prepares elites, the architecture of the university is a treasure of history. One of the most famous buildings is Christ Church Cathedral, built in the 12th Century  and later. Christ Church Cathedral is Oxford’s first ‘dreaming spires,’ and one of England’s old towers. The other one is the Radcliffe Camera. It was built in the 18th century. This library’s dome was the first library of this shape.

Yale University

From the other side of the Atlantic, in New Jersey, you’ll find Princeton University. Another very distinguished college. It was founded in 1745 and is one of the oldest institutes of the United States. Neo- Gothic style is what would define the architectural style of Princeton. Its large colorful glass windows give a religious and studious mood to the place that will inspire you to study hard. The founders drew from Cambridge and Oxford university to build through time Princeton. If you ever go there, you will be amazed by its numerous pires, vaults and gargoyles. It is a real throwback in time and you will feel like you are in a Harry Potter scene. Learn how to forecast while playing online. Login to 22Bet login.

Flagler College

If you decide that you absolutely need to study under the sun, travel in the south of the US. Go to Florida, where you will discover Flagler College. It is a liberal art college located in St. Augustine. The architecture is clearly not a gothic one but a hispanic style. Florida being influenced by its latino history and culture, it made sense to build Flagler college in the Spanish Renaissance style. With is white and reddish colors, the buildings bring warmth to visitors. The campus is actually a pretty recent construction as it was founded in 1969. The opulence of the place is remarkable and it is very hard to believe that it was built in two years only! 

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

In the country of the rising sun, there is an impressive complex that hosts students. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is faithful to its name. The university is immense and the architect is ultra modern. The campus is located on a slope and faces the Clear Water Bay Peninsula. Facilities are built on terraces. HKUST was built in 1991 and is considered one of the fastest growing universities in the world.