These days there are many online platforms that are providing online tuition for most subjects. Based on the needs of the children, they can get enrolled in any website which they feel comfortable for their kids. Unlike the other subject, mathematics includes calculations to prove theorem constructions which demands little more attention and concentration about the subject to understand the methods completely. There are many websites that are available on the internet which provide online tuition for maths and science. Among them, one of the better options for their kids to get enrolled has become a difficult task for the parents. In order to deal with such situations, the Cuemath website has come up with the very good solution of providing Cuemath free demo classes for the parents to know about the tutors and the methodology they will follow to teach their kids and know about the effective environment of the live sessions, which makes easier for the parents to choose the online websites for their children.

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An Introduction to the Decimal Numbers

They are classified into many types in the number systems. They are natural numbers, real numbers, whole numbers, integers, fractions, prime numbers, composite numbers, etc. The decimal numbers are one among them. The decimal number can be defined as the combination of the whole number and the fraction part which is separated by the point called the decimal point. The number which is present on the left side of the decimal part is a whole number. The number which is present on the right side of the decimal point is the fraction part.

Example  864.21 


Here 864 is a whole number

 21 is a fraction part 

“.” Is a decimal point

The decimal numbers are classified into two types.

1. Recurring decimal numbers: the number of the form 8.23232323…. Where the numbers of the fraction part keep on repeating.

2. Non-recurring decimal numbers: the number of the form 4.6721 where the numbers of the fraction part will have a fixed number of digits.

Decimal to Fraction Conversation

First, we need to write the decimal numbers in the expanded form.

Example: 0.25 in the expanded form we can write as 0.25 = 25 × 1/100 replace the decimal point with 1 and add the number of zero equal to the number of digits present after the decimal point.

After simplifying 25/100 = 1/4

Fractions to Decimal Conversion

It can be done by simply dividing the numerator by the denominator. 

Example: 9/2= 4.5

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