You’ve been on your board for a couple weeks now, or maybe just starting out. Watching all these little kids soaring through the air, kickflipping staircases, wondering…

“how can I do that?”

“How is it feasible for me to get good at skateboarding?”

“Why do some get good really fast, while I’m stuck trying to grasp the basics?”

If you want to get good, three to six hours a day is realistic…even more if you’re not already saturated in sweat, or snap your legs off. Skating parks is typically a location you’ll learn, developing the most. I’d spend six hours a day at the skatepark in my earlier years, as you get older that changes.

Work, school, dand life gets in the way occasionally. There will be days you’ll be sore and just need a break. That’s vital to recover balance and concentration in your life. Your body can only endure so much, keep that in mind and don’t let it discourage you.

Skateboarding Is Challenging!

Let’s be honest,electric longboard skateboarding is incredibly hard! Not only that, but it’s so aggravating when you’re destroying your board every five minutes! You’re spending hours…days attempting to master techniques. Maybe you’re at the edge of quitting up believing it’s not for you. These ideas will torment you, at the end draw you apart from becoming great at skateboarding. The hardest part is trying to find a nice area to skate in the middle of nowhere.

In the first it seems difficult, but with time you’ll truly start to grasp it. There will be days you’ll land everything on lock, others are days of disappointment. Enabling these ideas will distract you, ultimately allowing dread of failure to set in. You’ll get through this period as everyone confronts it, coping with it differently.

Keep A Steady Mindset

Skateboarding demands an unbelievable amount of effort and devotion to become genuinely excellent. This isn’t to say you won’t but it’s what you put into it, what you feel you get out of it. Like whatever you do in life, whether it’s education, working on a project, even exercising out…lots of time is necessary! Some claim you need to invest ten thousand hours to become excellent. In certain circumstances this can be true… but realistically who’s counting?

Feeling stressed, frustrated all the time won’t help reach your objective. Maybe you’re actually aren’t interested in pursuing whatever you’re getting into, that’s alright. You’re panicking out because you still can’t land a kickflip…or whatever it may be. There’s also something you need to feel and experience to pursue larger, greater things!

Have you learnt how to balance, cruise on a skateboard? What was the emotion when you finally got it!? You’ve already passed the hardest portion most folks scratch their head at. Learning tricks is the second struggle which requires years of devotion.

Think About Consistency…

You want to be good right? Maybe even great? Consistency is something that helps create your style, identifies you as a skater. One difficulty for me, was not committing to a trick long enough. For instance, I never learned how to b/s noseslides, crooked grinds…or backside anything. Due to the lack of focus not spending an entire day or week fighting it. Skating backside seems odd for some reason. I can kickflip into a backside 50-50 easier then just ollieing… odd huh?

A Tip Of Advice…

Don’t allow limiting thoughts affect your attitude to stop what you’re doing. Smashing our skull against the ground is another thing that could discourage us from returning back to that one area. Just remember how amazing it will feel…how many people will be excited.

Let’s Talk About Time

Remember the ten thousand hour rule I talked of? Well, you’ll surely go someplace in that period of time! Referencing this guideline in reference to skating is a bit different as you’re continually learning new tricks, developing your style. We have our good and bad days, this applies to everything you’re set out to do in life. New moves you mastered yesterday are transcending into flip in flip out, larger gaps. If you’re injured…that sets you back quite some time.