If you’re looking to track the location of your mobile phone you might want to test one or all of these phone tracker applications available for purchase currently. Here are some of the best choices: Easy Phone Track, Spapp Monitoring, Hoverwatch, and uMobix. It is also possible to try Sygic Family Locator. Sygic Family Locator application for its user-friendly control panel and geofencing options. It doesn’t include sophisticated software that can monitor the logs of calls or track a mobile phone without authorization.

Spapp Monitoring

To set up Spapp Monitoring you’ll have to first create an account with a free user before signing to a subscription plan. The next step is to prepare the device to be used. Make sure your phone is in “Incognito Mode” and then copy then paste Spapp monitoring dashboard’s address into the Address Bar on the phone. Then, follow the directions in the application in order to download it.

After installation, Spapp Monitoring lets you monitor any activity that occurs on the phone. It can monitor messages in text, IM conversations, and web page visits. You can also restrict access to social media and websites you wish to limit access to. Once you’ve got the device you can install the Spapp Monitoring program to notify you of alerts and notifications whenever the phone is involved in prohibited activities. Spapp Monitoring can also allow you to monitor calls, but not to record the conversations. This means you can observe every conversation conducted by the person who is in question and monitor any suspicious emails that they may make or get.

Easy Phone Tracker

The installation of Easy Phone Track is a easy process. After you have the app downloaded, you’ll have to set up the device you want to use. When installing the app it is necessary to activate battery optimization and the backup feature of iCloud. It is also necessary to disabling two-factor authentication. Once you have these settings set it is possible to tap on the “Install” button in order to start with the process of installation. After installation the target won’t be aware that it is being watched.

Easy Phone Track works on both Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with both jailbroken and unjailbroken devices. This application lets you monitor the activity of inbound and outgoing calls and SMS messages. If you have kids the application is a vital component of controlling your children’s behavior. It allows you to track where they are at all times and whether they’re using the phone to access the apps they love.


Its Hoverwatch phone tracker application is a powerful mobile monitoring program that works from the beginning. It starts working immediately and begins to track the phone’s activities on the phone being targeted, and leaves no evidence of its existence on the target device. The app can also track up to five devices simultaneously and uses GPS and cell towers and Wi-Fi signals for tracking the phone even if the SIM card is switched.

The app comes with some limitations. It’s not compatible with iPhones and only works with Android. It’s not recommended to monitor children using mobile phones. It also doesn’t provide live chat service like Easy Phone Track offers. It is also not live chat-enabled. Hoverwatch to track phones isn’t the most affordable solution however its drawbacks are substantial. If you’re worried about the security of your child you could consider this Hoverwatch mobile tracker.


It is the uMobix phone tracker app allows you to track a specific phone and view all messages in text that have been sent and received from it. It also blocks suspicious people from sending messages to you. It also allows you to monitor the content of the email accounts your target accounts. If it’s a mobile phone belonging to a child that you share with a partner or business competitor’s, you are able to monitor everything using this app.

It’s the uMobix phone tracker application is installed on the phone that you wish to track. All you have to do is make sure that the device you’re following has internet access. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to look over your child’s call log and track every action within the telephone. You’ll be able track the duration of each call as well as whether it’s an outgoing or incoming call. This app is easy to use and allows you to monitor your child’s phone from any time and from anywhere.


Its FlexiSPY telephone tracker among the most popular spy phone applications that are that are available. The latest version comes with numerous options, such as the ability to record calls to and VoIP calls, and also the locations of the phone and its surroundings. The recorded information is transferred into FlexiSPY. FlexiSPY account, which means you don’t need to worry about the person you are targeting telling you the exact location of their phone.

This FlexiSPY phone tracker application is compatible with all Android as well as iOS phones. To download the FlexiSPY application, you’ll must have access to the device and know the passcode of the phone, as well as payment. Once you have that, you’re started. It’s not always straightforward to install in addition, the UI isn’t exactly user-friendly. Before you download FlexiSPY, before you download the FlexiSPY smartphone tracker you should take the time to read through our FlexiSPY review.