You are sitting in your lounge looking at your mom and dad and you see their receding hairlines. Yes, they are losing hair and are experiencing hair fall. The next thought you have in your mind is that you will be one of them one day and will be suffering from the same hair fall and loss sooner or later. 

The doctor that performs the best non-surgical hair transplant in Karachi says that there can be a number of underlying causes that can result in hair loss. It is obviously parents from who you get all the genes of hair loss, but keep in mind that sometimes you keep ignoring the early signs that result in causing hair loss even more than usual. 

Let us talk about the major signs that you need to focus on as to when to go for a hair transplant. Given below are the signs that you need to focus on. 

  • You Have Reached a Certain Age

A lot of people experience the signs of early hair loss when they are not even old enough. It must be noted that these days, children in their teenage start to have symptoms of hair fall. This makes them feel a lot of stress which makes them search for the options for hair transplants whether surgical or non-surgical. 

The important thing here is that, although hair fall is a sign, the age at which you get the hair transplant matters a lot. It is not safe to get a hair transplant done at a young age, as it is a stage at which the hair is still growing and maturing. 

To get the needed results, your doctor will recommend you find your own hair loss pattern. By noticing that the doctor can guide you to get a hair transplant done on the areas where the hair s thinning or there is hair loss felt. The best age however to get a hair transplant done is 18, before that getting a hair transplant done is always discouraged as the hair still has to be matured. 

  • The Hair Loss is Permanent

If you think that the hair loss that you are experiencing is getting permanent and the hair is not growing back again after falling then it means that your hair loss is not temporary. This can be a great sign indicating that you need to get your hair transplant done. 

Make sure that sometimes when the hair starts to shed too much, can be due to hormonal changes, stress, and even environmental factors. So, be careful of the fact that hair loss is not just due to biological changes. It can also occur as a result of other factors. Your doctor will talk it through with you and will recommend the best solution. 

Don’t rush for the surgery as soon as you start seeing the initial hair fall. Do look into getting a treatment first and then opt for the solutions that can work for you. 

  • Abrupt Loss of Hair

If you feel that your hair has started to fall all of a sudden and there are bald patches that are occurring and are visible to everyone then this is concerning. Such kind of hair loss can be a big sign that you need to get an appointment with a hair transplant surgeon as soon as possible. 

If it is gradual and is not occurring in a large quantity then there is no need to g to a doctor. But if it is the opposite then this should be taken care of. Make sure to get all your tests done, as this can be due to a thyroid issue or some disorder. It is basically the responsibility of your doctor to get to the root of the issue. 

Work with your doctor to find the cause and find the best solution for yourself. 

  • You Have a Donor Ready

It is not possible to get a hair transplant done unless you don’t have a donor to lend you some hair. Now you must be wondering that you might need to manage a door in order to get thicker hair. Well, you are your own door in this case.

Unlike other organs, hair transplant surgery doesn’t require a donor and in this case, the doctor uses your own hair to transplant them in the spots where the hair is thinning or you have bald spots. So, it is important to have enough donor hair in order to get the transplant done. 


A hair transplant is a way to get your lost hair back and this can help you get your lost self-esteem back too. Make sure to go for a doctor that has the best experience and knowledge to apply to you. In case of any emergency about your health make sure to visit the doctor again until and unless you are fully satisfied.