The culture of Chinese tea has been developing all over the world for many years. Its popularity is due not only to the fact that we are attracted by the unusual traditions of the East and meditative calmness but also by such an interesting phenomenon as tea intoxication. So before going to gamble at 22Bet grab a cup of tea and try to focus on your goals. 

     The Great Tea Way

     For the first time, Chinese tea came to the Russian Empire in large volumes back in the 18th century. Caravans with this valuable cargo moved from the Wuyishan Mountains in the Chinese province of Fujian to Ulan-Ude, which at that time was called Verkhneudinsk, and from there tea was transported throughout the country. From the Russian Empire, it moved further to European countries. This trade corridor was even given the name the Great Tea Way.

      At that time, Chinese tea was extremely expensive, and it was a risky business to bring it to any country using caravans. There happened to be robbers on all routes. Tea from China is not cheap even today, but over the past centuries, it has become much more affordable. In many cities in different countries, there are tea houses where a specially trained master will select tea according to your request. He will brew it according to all the traditions of Chinese tea drinking, and help you enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

      You may be surprised by the idea of ​​picking tea according to demand but many fans of this drink are sure that drinking tea allows you to achieve different goals. So, tea helps to cheer up, relax and even get drunk. And the last effect attracts the most attention. Queries about the alcoholic properties of tea are increasingly flickering in search engines, and some lovers have already become tea drinkers.

Tea Sommeliers

        Another similarity between Chinese tea and alcohol is that tea connoisseurs are also called sommeliers. They are trained in the history of tea cultivation, the geography of plantations, classification, production technologies, and traditions of preparation. 

      There are a lot of varieties of tea. Also, there are a lot of moments in preparation. Lots of different people are willing to get these skills. Employees and owners of tea shops, waiters and bartenders, sommeliers and baristas, chocolatiers, and confectioners come with a professional interest. There is the next level which is a tea sensory. This is a more serious immersion into the world of tastes and aromas of exquisite teas from different countries. 

       At the same time, tea not only helps to get pleasure but also has a healing effect. It reduces stress, and improves cognitive functions and sleep quality.