Cricket is the most famous sport in the world and is enjoyed by people across every nation. In this Covid environment, it is important to understand that cricket has captured more minds than ever and impacted the fans’ mentalities in ways that were not conceivable before, when the game’s only existence was in the physical. In this realm of modernity, cricket has acquired a top position regardless of what it was before.

Over the years, the game has invaded everybody’s lives and if that wasn’t enough, the advent of fantasy cricket games have made it popular in mobile devices as well. In fantasy cricket games, you can choose players based on performance and personal preference to create a team and battle online  rivals. To be able to get in on this party, click to download a copy of the game for your device.

To get back to the real game as the pandemic is slowly disappearing, look at the list below, some of the best all-rounders in world cricket and their vital contributions to the classic game.

Andrew Flintoff

The crazy player with the nickname ‘Freddy’ has a strong presence on the field, and his power of hitting the ball is exceptional compared to other contemporaries. His playing style has repeatedly proven that he is extremely helpful during big matches. But in fact, Flintoff’s numbers on the board aren’t so great, and he does not have anything to be considered as the best cricket player, but his secret lies in collaborative team play.

In 2005 Flintoff won the man of the series award side by side with Shane Warne. His contribution to the English team stands second to none and cannot be bested by anyone at the present moment. Flintoff also suffered a few controversies in his life, including the most famous Fredalo incident. In the later part of his career, he suffered many injuries that harmed his career. During his final years in the game, the all-rounder vanished from the field with a sudden retirement announced in 2010.

Shaun Pollock

Among the top players, Shaun Pollock is the best all-around to grace the 22 yards. His impeccable form is next to no one to date. His proficiency came from his amazing talent on the bat and the ball. Shaun was one of the most lethal bowlers, and his form was also impeccable on the bat, sending fear into the hearts of every bowler. Most oppositions that faced Pollock during his peak form were terrified of what he might unleash on the field with his amazing capabilities. He has been placed seventh on the list of all-time best bowlers owing to his staggering number of 829 wickets.  

With a player of such talent, you would think that sledging would be collateral for their personality, but that was not the case with Shaun. Shaun was an amazing teammate and could be trusted by all his peers. His skills got him to captain the national side of South Africa, and his last stint before retiring was in the IPL matches, where he was chosen to play for the Mumbai Indians team.

Sanath Jayasuriya

As people might have called him, the black stallion Sanath was Sri Lanka’s most famous player during the 90s. He debuted in 1989 and began as a left-handed batsman, scorching his way up the ladder through several different games and proving his name time and time again in the international field. By the time Sri Lanka dominated the 1996 world cup, he had become the most ferocious batsman no bowler wanted to encounter. 

This facet was discovered right when he was declared the MVP in his previous tournament. Soon afterwards, the cricketing circuit got a taste of his exceptional bowling skills as a spinner. He has many records in One Day International Cricket and has reached 50 with only 17 balls, creating yet another record attributed to his name. His total tally of 2000 runs makes him a giant player who needs no introduction on any cricketing list.

Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib is the Bangladesh legend who has insane stats under his belt. If it comes to consistency, no one comes second to Shakib. He has dedicatedly performed in every position he has played, whether a batsman or a wicketkeeper. Due to his committed playing style, he has also been able to capture the top place in ODI cricket for a long time. His run tally stands at 11000 international runs, and he has grabbed over 50 wickets for the country. He has led Bangladesh in the three major formats of international cricket and, in a reliable manner, improved the team’s quality by getting better talent. In recent times, Shakib is bound to be remembered as one of the greatest gems Bangladesh has produced.

Kapil Dev

No list is complete without mentioning Kapil Dev, the most outstanding player produced by the Indian cricket team. His accomplishments include 400 test wickets and 5000 Test runs. During the 1983 World cup, he made the greatest knock in the history of cricket by scoring 175 runs from just 18 balls while facing Zimbabwe. In a sheer display of committed fielding, Kapil Dev ran across the field to catch the coveted ball, which helped his team dismiss another legend, Viv Richards. His captaincy during this period was fantastic, and he was able to grab the World Cup for his team in the 80s. His bowling was consistent, and he could go on for long spells without showing a speck of tire or distress. His accomplishments in India granted him the position of coach, and he remains an icon of international cricket.

In Conclusion

The role of an all-rounder in cricket is one of the most difficult as they are mostly in charge of everything the team is involved in. Becoming a rounder takes years of practice and dedication and is a position only a few players can achieve. The list celebrates the chosen few who are best in the areas they watch over. These selected players have set a path that is the best trajectory for young players to follow and look up to in modern times where cricket is changing and becoming a pacier version of its earlier self.