Tennis has one of the most lucrative market at Bet22. But you should approach Tennis betting with adequate knowledge, here are the major things you should know.


The simplest tennis wager is the moneyline. This is merely a bet on the outcome of a specific game. In a close game, both players will have identical moneylines (for example, -120 on the favorite and +110 on the underdog), so you’d have to place a sizable wager to obtain a big return on either side. 

However, for a mismatch, the odds can be quite high, perhaps -1000 for the favorite and +600 for the underdog. Due to this, betting on the favorite is difficult (you would only get $10 profit on a $100 gamble), but betting on the underdog has a higher chance of paying off significantly ($600 profit on a $100 wager).

Spread Bets 

Tennis spread bets are a little more difficult, but they are also quite popular and help level the playing field for betting on the matchups I previously stated.

For instance, a game spread might be set at 5.5 (-5.5 for the favorite, +5.5 for the underdog). On either side of this wager, the odds are often not too far apart. This indicates that the underdog would be the winning side of the bet if they just lost by less than 5.5 games as opposed to the favorite, who would need to win by more than 5.5 games to win. A gigantic mismatch would have a considerably higher figure while a tight encounter might only have a spread of 1.5 games.

Over/Under Bet

In contrast to other sports, where you would normally bet on the total amount of points scored in a given game, over/under wagers in tennis are a little different. In tennis, you’ll often bet on the number of games or sets that are played during a match (over or under).

Thus, you would see a wager like Total Sets Over 2.5 (+110) vs. Total Sets Under 2.5 (-120), for illustration. The Under would prevail if the match was decided in two sets, but the Over would triumph if it required three. It makes no difference in this wager whether the team wins or loses; only how long the game lasts.

Prop Bets

The broad area of prop bets includes nearly anything that could occur during a game. However, in essence, a prop bet is when you wager on something other than the winner or the over/under. This might be as straightforward as “Who Wins the First Set?” or “Will Rafael Nadal Win in Straight Sets?” in the world of tennis. But you can see how prop bets can become just as ludicrous and unrelated to a real outcome as the wild ones we witness in the NFL during the Super Bowl.

Live Betting

In recent years, live betting has greatly increased, particularly after it became legal across the world. Tennis has become a well-liked alternative for live betting because there are so many matches taking place every day.

 What you can wager on during an event is virtually limitless. Live odds on the outcome of the game, including totals and spreads, as well as wagers on individual points are all available.