The speed at which technology is evolving nowadays allows for rapid development and advancement while also quickening the pace of change. However, there have been drastic changes this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced IT workers to accept that their work will change in the future contactless world. The past two years have shown that the world has to quickly adapt to our new reality.

With the opportunity of having the best internet service providers such as CenturyLink Internet backing us for our true potential, things are only getting easier for people to adopt. In 2021, businesses will place more value on operational agility than ever before. Technology has enabled us to survive the epidemic and continues to redefine and reshape how we interact with one another and live our lives. But what surprises might we expect in the next year?

Here are our predictions for the most fascinating technological developments to watch in 2019.

  • Robotic Process Automation

Since more sophisticated automation became widespread decades ago, the area of robotics has grown rapidly in the commercial and healthcare industries. Robotic process automation is a form of technology that automates operations. It entails the use of software to automate business operations such as application use, transaction management, data processing, and even email responses.

RPA automates previously manual activities. The vast majority of robotic systems in use today, including difficult-to-teach welding robots, are static. As autonomous mobile robots grow more popular, the current goal is to automate machine instruction to make training and moving these stationary robots around RPA simpler.

  • Metaverse

A virtual environment called the Metaverse will be a hot topic in technology in 2022. You may communicate virtually with loved ones, acquaintances, and coworkers in this new environment. Even whether they’re halfway across the nation or on the other side of the planet, you’ll feel like you’re right next to them. The concept of the Metaverse has also been embraced by certain social media sites.

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta and is developing VR eyewear in addition to other methods for users to communicate digitally with their social network acquaintances. Additionally, small enterprises have used VR and AI technologies in their everyday operations and training. When working from home or in different offices, employees may still interact with each other whenever they want – thanks to the technology trend of virtual reality.

  • Digital Humans

Without people and their presence, which typically takes the form of an avatar, metaverse ecosystems cannot function. A key personal feature connecting Metaverse venues is the user’s online presence and digital identity. In the lack of open interoperability, users will want to keep their avatars consistent across various Metaverse platforms, which presents a challenge. The current social network profile photo will be replaced with the avatar.

Decentralized identification systems built on blockchain technology can maintain a user’s Digital Human identity across the Metaverse, including their virtual presence avatar. NFT may be utilized for transactions involving virtual goods and assets as well as for connecting the actual object linked to the avatar. By using diverse data sources and offering unified real-time insights, the Digital Human may become even more beneficial.

  • Cloud Computing

The usage of cloud computing has grown dramatically as organizations have gone virtual and moved their focus to offering digital services. There was just one option: act now or perish. Businesses may automate arduous activities with the aid of industry-specific cloud solutions, freeing up time to focus on distinguishing themselves from the competition.

Rather than maintaining their computing infrastructure or data centers, businesses may rent access to everything from software to storage from a cloud service provider. Businesses can avoid the upfront expenditures of acquiring and maintaining their own IT infrastructure by using cloud computing services instead. They just pay for the services that they utilize. Cloud computing service providers may profit from tremendous economies of scale by providing the same services to a large number of clients.

  • Home Automation

By helping you with most everyday tasks, smart home automation makes your stay at home more effective and easy. Because you have some time away from your typical household duties to complete other tasks, it makes life simpler. Many smart home devices may be directly managed via Wi-Fi and a related smartphone app. In addition to this, if you have subscribed to robust connections like CenturyLink internet, then your experience will be smoother. 

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This implies that you can just pick up a new item, connect it to your Wi-Fi network at home, download the necessary software, and start using it. Although no one solution can fully automate your home, many smart gadgets are now simpler than ever to install and manage. You may build the smart home of your dreams with a few readily available parts.

  • Blockchain

There have been blockchains, like Bitcoin, for a little over ten years. Every year, there are more blockchains available for purchase and new applications for them. The use of blockchain technology by individuals and organizations is a 2022 technology trend that is predicted to grow. 

The phrase “chain” is appropriate since you are producing a chain of data. Since the prior blocks cannot be modified, it is quite safe. Due to the consensus-driven nature of blockchains, no single party can have total control over the data.

Numerous industries are implementing and using blockchain technology, and as this demand rises, so does the need for skilled workers. Experts in designing and executing blockchain-based solutions and architecture are blockchain developers.

  • 3D and 4D Printing

Using additive manufacturing, also known as three-dimensional printing, a physical product may be created from a computer design. A repeating 2D framework is used to build a layer-by-layer 3D monster. The result is inflexible and unable to change shape, akin to a traditional metal or plastic component. The 4D printing technology is very similar to 3D printing in that material is deposited in layers until a structure is built using identical three-dimensional machines and software.

While three-dimensional printing simply outlines how to print additional layers of material, four-dimensional printing adds a precise geometric coding to the process based on the angles and dimensions of the planned design. It offers guidance on how to move or adjust under certain environmental conditions, as well as form memory.

  • Augmented Reality

The addition of digital elements to real-life using graphics is known as augmented reality (AR). It is being studied for a range of reasons, including entertainment, medicine, and education. It is among the most fascinating recent technology advancements. You’d only expect to see it on Star Trek! It has only recently been applied to actual situations and possibilities as a consequence of advanced breakthroughs.

A ground-breaking integration of augmented reality into Apple’s iOS operating system in 2019 marked the company’s formal adoption of the technology (AR). This will make it possible for regular browsing and immersive visual material to coexist effortlessly. Beginning early in the next year, a smartphone search for “Apples” on Google will return 3D models rather than just 2D images, which is just one of the numerous useful uses of augmented reality.

Even in the healthcare industry, this state-of-the-art technological development is assisting in the reconstruction of tumors in 3D so that surgeons may view x-rays in real-time and spare the patient from harmful radiation exposure.

To Sum It All Up

Technology is moving at a fast pace and so should we. That is why all these technological trends are opening the window of opportunities for us, and we must grab them. 

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