Divorce is a difficult time for the two people directly going through it, but it can affect theirĀ  children just as much. Depending on age as well, they may not understand what is going on and will have to be exposed to it early on in their lives. They can also feel confused and frustrated at the change that is happening. Here are some things that can help them heal and overcome this impactful time.

Communicate with Them

No matter their age, it is important to be open and honest about this change that is happening. If they are a little bit older, explain to them what is going on but be gentle and avoid talking bad or blaming the other person. Give them information little by little so that they can process it better and be able to express how they are feeling to you. Listen to them. Be open to the things they need after receiving the news. Reassure them that everything is going to be okay and that a new normal may not be so bad.

Establish a Routine

While a lot of their lives are changing, kids can feel a sense of relief and familiarity if they have some structure and stability to follow. Knowing what to expect can help relieve any anxiety they may have. When there is no routine of when each parent gets to spend time with their kid, that can cause more conflict in which the kid will feel overwhelmed and feel like they have to choose a parent. Make sure there is some sort of routine so they know what to expect with each parent.


If a child is struggling a lot with this, seeking therapy may be the best way to heal them back to a quality life. Having someone to talk to out of the home, especially if that is the place causing a lot of their emotional strife, can help them feel safe. If they are dealing with things such as depression, sleep problems, or frequent outbursts, therapists are qualified to provide coping mechanisms with these specific issues.

Resolve Further Problems Respectfully

Children take a lot from the actions of their parents. That is where they learn a lot of behavior. For this reason, make sure you are being respectful to the other parent while going through a divorce. Also make sure you are on the same page with agreements and schedules, so later conflict does not arise. You can get help through the services offered for dissolution of marriage ohio. Resolving problems respectfully will show your child the way conflict should be handled and that the whole situation is going to be okay.


Divorce is an emotional time for everyone and kids can feel like their whole world is changing. Be patient, caring, kind, and understanding with them as they are just trying to figure out life and navigate these changes. These are a few ways to make the adjustment easier for them and help them heal early on.