In this article we’ll discuss how to repair a diamond or platinum prong. While there are many ways to repair a prong, you might find that the tip is broken. Or perhaps the entire prong has been cracked. Either way, a proper repair involves rebuilding the entire prong. And don’t forget to check the other prongs of the jewelry as well. Regardless of the type of problem, our tips can help you get your jewelry back to looking like new.

Re-tipping a prong

The cost of re-tipping a prong begins at PS25, depending on the number of prongs in a piece of jewellery. This procedure involves adding metal to the top of a prong to recreate the missing tip. The jeweller will need to know the type of metal the jewellery is made of, and the number of prongs. Once all information is available, the jeweller can begin the process.

Re-tipping a platinum prong

If your platinum ring has cracked or broken prongs, it’s time to consider re-tipping the ring. The process may involve adding additional metal to the prong or re-tipping the ring itself. If you’re only dealing with one prong, re-tipping will improve the overall safety of the stone. But don’t be discouraged if you have a large number of damaged prongs. A few quick repairs can make the situation much better.

Before re-tipping a platinum prong, make sure to first check the gemstone for fracture fill. It is possible that the stone may be damaged. Make sure to note any defects before re-tipping it. Also, be sure to use 14K easy white solder. Do not use 22K white gold solder as this is too close to the stone’s melting point. You may also want to consult a jewelry book on re-tipping.

Full prong repair

A Tip and Prong Repair involves rebuilding the entire tip and prong of your jewelry. If the tip is cracked or bent, it’s likely that the entire prong is at risk of falling out of the ring. The repair is performed on the entire prong, as well as any other prongs. If your tip is not cracked, it may need retipping. You can choose from many different methods of prong repair, and the specific measures will depend on the type of damage.

Often, you’ll need to straighten the tips of worn or broken prongs. Using chain nose pliers, cover both ends of the prong, ensuring that the tops are vertical. If you’re unable to repair a broken prong on your own, ask your jeweler to help you. The prongs may have been bent during mounting the stone, or it could have been damaged due to bumping the ring.

Re-tipping a diamond prong

You can re-tippe a diamond prong yourself, but it is important to note the following tips before attempting it yourself. First, check the condition of the prongs. If they are very low, look for small rounded nubs sticking out. If they are high, they need to be fixed. If they feel smooth, they probably need to be re-tipped. Re-tipping a diamond prong can be costly, but it’s worth it if you want the diamond to stay in place.

Re-tipping a diamond prong can make a small difference in appearance. While re-tipping may not appear to be a major change, it is critical for the safety of your gemstone. Prongs serve two functions: they hold the gemstone securely in place and they act as a buffer when a ring is dropped. In the same way, beads are used as prongs. By restoring your jewelry, you can ensure its durability and beauty.