Most teenagers have some sort of job as a babysitter. Watching other people’s kids for a few hours is a great way to earn some money. And while the kids are sleeping, you can play at the best online casino.

But taking care of kids at home can be taken to a new level. By becoming a nanny. Especially people with high incomes desperately need help in taking care of their children. There are several reasons for this. An unstable work schedule, the workload, being a single parent and so on. But it is not so easy to become a nanny and get a job. You should know how to deal with children, especially at a young age. So when they develop their character and still have a tantrum. You have to stay calm all the time and teach the kids what they did wrong or not. You have to explain things and not yell. 

This can be exhausting, but the kids will look to you. 

You also need to know about their eating habits. For example, allergies or intolerances. 

If you go this route, the child is in an environment, that is, at home, that they already know and can follow routines. 

The parents and the childcare provider have a more personal relationship. This is because they have usually worked together for years. And they also live together under the same roof. Schedules or parenting can be easily discussed and changed. 

However, the child will not make as many other social contacts as in a daycare. The other option is a playground. But even there, most of the other children are in kindergarten.

So it has its pros and cons.

Another plus is that you have someone you trust and know will take care of not only the kids, but also the household. She or he can go to the supermarket to get the simplest things. Or he or she can even water your plants when you are traveling with the kids yourself.  

Another advantage is that if your child gets sick, someone is already there to take care of it. You don’t have to take days off from work just because you have a regular flu. You also don’t have to worry if you work late and forget to pick up your child. 

You will have support for all of these things. But sometimes parents feel guilty because they think they are not paying enough attention to their child. 

There are more reasons why you might or might not hire a nanny. Ultimately, though, you need to examine what fits best in your situation. 


Some parents choose to hire a nanny not only to focus more on work, but also to teach their children another language. Especially for international students, this is a way to earn money. Sometimes they even live with their host family. 

The concept behind this is that the children should learn a second language at a very young age. It is a fact that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn a new language. And it won’t be like school, because it will be mainly talking and singing. Playing is also an important aspect. But of course, the children don’t have to sit in front of books all day. The children just pick up the nanny’s words and learn faster that way. 

However, hiring a bilingual nanny is not only for learning. She or he will also introduce the child to a new culture. Maybe cook in a different way than the parents. Show him different movies or songs. There is much more to discover behind a language.